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Therapeutic Approach 


ASB Psychotherapy believes that online virtual psychotherapy

is a wave of the future!


Easily accessible, convenient with reduced travel time and costs. 


ASB Psychotherapy uses the latest technology conducting virtual psychotherapy over a secure user friendly specialized platform. During your therapy session you can expect ASB Psychotherapy to engage with you in a dynamic manner;  

utilizing a multitude of resources and therapeutic modalities. 



Every person I have had the opportunity to work with has had different strengths and struggles.

With that in mind I will always blend my approach just for YOUTo me therapy is a process and I am always honored when a client allows me to be a part of their journey. I truly believe I am a therapist who is integrative meaning that I will work from a wide array of approaches (therapeutic modalities) to find the best results for YOUAs part of your journey you can expect me to work hard to build a therapeutic connection around safety, trust and growth.

I will give you my full attention in a safe, judgement free atmosphere

where you can express yourself freely. 

During the process I will give you perspective, knowledge and at times I may challenge you (respectfully, of course!). I have been known to share various coping strategies.  If you are creative we may explore creative therapeutic interventions together. Keeping in mind all of my work is trauma informed. As we develop a therapeutic relationship we will begin to explore your strengths, challenges and stressors together. 

I welcome YOU to join me as the co-pilot as we navigate this journey together to developing increased mental wellness in order to create effective, positive and long lasting change. 

I would be thrilled to have the opportunity to discuss my approach with you.

Please feel free to connect and remember I'd be honored to hear from YOU! 


Kindest Regards, 



Flowers in Glass Jar


Internal Family Systems

Attachment Based 


Caring and Compassionate 

Solution Focused 

Trauma Focused CBT


Person Centered Therapy 

Bio-Psycho-Social Model

Trauma Informed 


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